Caribou Venture Mission

We foster determination, endurance, adaptability, perseverance and a sense of community at our firm and for our companies and their founders.  Studies have shown the one most reliable predictor to an early-stage company’s success are the founders.  Not just their ideas and skills but their ability to navigate the challenging journey from start-up to unicorn. Our firm provides our founders the Caribou Ventrure solution which will enable them to endure the journey to success from the key col to the Summit.

We will work with our founders to calibrate the route and help them through unchartered waters.  We are a firm committed to the interconnected success for our founders and our investors. We provide the capital and wisdom to augment our founder’s initiative, innovation and drive to create new solutions and products for our society. We are dedicated to supporting companies who will positively impact our community and aim to serve their clients though best in class user experience, innovative business solutions,  while respecting and protecting user’s rights and privacy.  We are committed to conscious capitalism. We promote diversity is aspects of our investment companies and in our investment committees

Our experience spans globally to include US, UK, European, Lat AM and Asia.  Our team’s experience and leadership is unparallel in breadth across industries and technical expertise.

Mission - Market Opportunity

We are on the precipice of the next technological leap equivalent to level that was experienced when Apple and Microsoft emerged.  Key differences is that there are intrinsic threats to maintaining a stable status quo.  Key threats include social unrest due to the growing wealth gap and the growing costs and devastation caused by global warming. 

Western democracies are wrestling with the upcoming transition to the economy and the jobs and business structures that will comprise the it.  A majority of the population is not being properly educated and trained for the future which is causing anxiety and social unrest.  Neither the private nor the public sector has invested in country’s and its citizen’s future nor fortified it to enable long term prosperity. There may be political controversy about potentially reducing funding for law enforcement but there is silence about the actual defunding of our public schools and higher education.  This coupled with a decaying infrastructure will debilitate the US’s ability to compete in the global market. 

The silver lining is that the US excels in its ability to innovate. The ongoing pandemic has accelerated the use of technology across industries from the service sector Zoom warriors to the construction industry, healthcare, financial services and the supply side chain. Other industries, specifically hospitality, who have been extremely effected by this pandemic are finding ways to adapt – like contactless dining experiences.  The health epidemic has become a catalyst to entrepreneurs to create today the technological solutions that was envisaged to be achieved in 20 years.

For the last decade, technology and the functioning of traditional businesses, national infrastructure has used technology, but the results are not solving the problems holistically and the fragmentation of the solutions created only solve some problems and inadvertently created new ones. The American promise of customer first and creating high quality user experiences has been lost. Technology companies have subverted customer’s and employee’s privacy, exposed them to risk of fraud and created cumbersome websites.  Legacy businesses and services fail to innovated from the airlines, to commuter trains, subways and roads, healthcare management with your provider is a quagmire and even with 5 G coming how many people can’t get access to high-speed internet?  Companies offer convenience and services on their terms to maximize their revenue, the second thought is how to onboard as many people really just for the purpose of mining your data to sell.  

Our focus and commitment are towards support and financing companies focus on growth whilst factoring in the cost of their good and service plus the cost or benefit to achieve sustainabity.  We are committed enabling companies to achieve their goals utilizing the AI, manchine learning and smart data analytics to supports leaps in innovation across heathcare, renewables, real estate, fin tect, and efficiency improvement,

Mission - Market Opportunity

In today’s world if you have wealth you can spend money to secure privacy, good customer service and management of your affairs. Technology was envisaged to democratize services due to its ability to scale in volume, Instead many companies in the end become a front for data mining our information and tracking out behaviour with the ‘front’ being some poorly executed app.

Some start ups may begin with the intention to improve people’s lives but in the end realize the key revenue driver is in selling your data. Consumer rights aren’t protected. Innovation must now aim to serve the people, create better services, help preserve planet, improve people’s life, enhance education and continued personal growth while respecting their personal privacy rights. Innovators should be thinking strategically on how to promote innovation and efficiencies in your personal and professional life.  We shouldn’t be mimicking behavioural patterns from the 1950’s in today’s world. The time is now to focus our innovators on facilitating a world which provides convenience for the sake of promoting efficiency to permit time for us to innovate and elevate the country so that we can all benefit from economies of scale, have access to real data without the distraction of targeted ad taking up most of the screen.  Technology is for elevating our lives not conforming us to be the consumer they want us to be.   Caribou Investors are seeking to invest with leaders who are creating solutions for the world and innovating new services and solutions across the sectors. There is a lot of work to be done and we plan to support the innovators who are dedicating themselves to serve a market need and improve services and create solutions to improve one’s home and work life. 


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